Phenomenal Women

Hey Women!                                                             What is it that you are thinking?                          I’m thinking how this world could be a better place for all the Women who are sinking

World has seen the horrific act of Nirbhaya,    A women who was gang raped and murdered brutally                                                                      Yet the justice wasnt served truthfully.

Laxmi was only fifteen when she became a victim of acid attack                                                  Neerja Bhanot who faced the certain death in the fateful Pan Am flight hijack.

Women, symbol of bravery somwhere caught in domestic slavery

She portrays the role of a Mother, Wife, Sister and a daughter                                                            Yet traditions and cultural beliefs are resulting in thousands of girl child to slaughter

Let us all pledge for Women’s advancement and tolerate no more harassment and make this world, A beautiful world of enchantment.

Long Gone

Baby I have been thinking about you lately

Come close and feel me solely.

Embrace me and look into my eyes

I want my love to bed and arise.

Baby I can no longer wait for your soothing touch

You gone for long and I miss you ever so much.

With every dawn I hope to see your smiling face

Trust me baby, its not an easy phase.

Your rocking chair and the coffee mug still lies empty

Come back soon as I dont want to feel this anxiety.

Oh Beloved!

                             Oh  beloved!

The only difference between your love and mine          

 is that you can still sleep at night…

These sleepless nights just remind me how much              

incomplete i’m without you

Oh beloved! Will you ever hear me and come          

back to me to caress me with your love

To make me sleep into your arms

To make me feel your warmth..

Maybe someday you would know this feeling of deep desire

Oh beloved! Will you ever hear me…

The darkness of night gets more darker

And i choose to turn my back onto the day sunlight

I wait for those blissful evening when your eyes meet mine…

Oh beloved! Will you ever hear me…

Come and hold me forever..

as i don’t wish to fall in love with you but Rise!

Touch my soul and i want you to be spell bounded..

never to leave me and go wounded.

Oh beloved! Will you ever hear me…

Deep Desire

Its weekend, he whispers in my ear

I can feel his breath as he comes near

My heartbeats are fast

As he said this night will outlast

Come closer and dont be shy

My sweetypie, He touches my thigh

My lips got dry and my body starts to shiver

Knowing that he is a good teaser

I start to sink in his arm

While he took my breath away with his charm.

His touch left me spellbounded and my senses were melted and astounded

I kept moaning all night

Finally I woke up from my dream to the morning sunlight.