Phenomenal Women

Hey Women!                                                             What is it that you are thinking?                          I’m thinking how this world could be a better place for all the Women who are sinking

World has seen the horrific act of Nirbhaya,    A women who was gang raped and murdered brutally                                                                      Yet the justice wasnt served truthfully.

Laxmi was only fifteen when she became a victim of acid attack                                                  Neerja Bhanot who faced the certain death in the fateful Pan Am flight hijack.

Women, symbol of bravery somwhere caught in domestic slavery

She portrays the role of a Mother, Wife, Sister and a daughter                                                            Yet traditions and cultural beliefs are resulting in thousands of girl child to slaughter

Let us all pledge for Women’s advancement and tolerate no more harassment and make this world, A beautiful world of enchantment.

16 thoughts on “Phenomenal Women

  1. Sweta,
    Thing is that everyone (be it be politician or any other celebrity) they keep on talking
    but no one do anything.
    Women’s are not weak, Women’s are stronger and they deserve to be protected and independent.

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  2. In India it is more of a concern, here women are not displayed as heroes but something else.
    How great can India become if each and every woman becomes a hero.

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