Angel Calling

Knock knock 

Who is it?

Its me your Angel 👼

Why are u here?

        I have come to tell you a story of a beautiful little girl

She dreams big and aspire to conquer the world with her beauty, grace and dreamy eyes like pearl

Ha Ha..I Laugh! Is this for real? 
 Oh my dear, listen and feel her, she is near!

She holds herself back for a while                Wanting her wings back to fly a mile.

Everyday gazing upon the skies, there is a little twinkle in her eyes

Wishing to the Almighty to bestow blessings to make her wise…

Her Future seems to be so bright and enlighten, that she no longer would be frighten and would never keep herself tighten.

Yes my dear, Am talking about You, cuz you have no clue…that you are amongst the FEW 

18 thoughts on “Angel Calling

  1. What an amazing poem! The beauty of your inner voice is impressive and, sometimes, when I read your poems, I believe that angels are near you, whispering the right words to touch hearts. Thank you for writing the way you do and thank you for following my blog, it means the world to me!

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    1. Aww thanks claudia 😇 m so happy that you cud connect so well wid my poems, i nearly jumped out of my bed wid excitement after reading your comment . I’m so glad that i found you here, thanks for your blessings..
      Much love always,
      Sweta ❤ x

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