A Letter

Dear Love!

I dont want you to be overconfident when i tell you that my love for you is purely Unconditional. And i have learnt the power of an unconditional love. I found myself confused and sad at first when i realised that we dont have a name for our relationship. I would think for hours and hours questioning in my mind that why are you so unfair towards me? I felt helpless, lonely and depressed. I want you to know that i will knock your door 10 times but when you listen to the knock and still turn a deaf ear and not open the door for me, on the 11th knock i will turn my back on you and walk at a different direction. Yes! It will be a lonely path..but not an illusion 

And this is the power i own from the unconditional love . You know i have learnt your truth, when i know your devil and you know mine.Lets stop this game of hide and seek, because eventhough youre hidding and am seeking for you i exactly know the hidden.

Iam lot more than you have imagined, i hold the power of intution not that iam overconfident but i have rediscovered myself and am still on the same path in this journey. I believe in myself, i push my limits, i count my blessings and always seek blessings from the almighty . 

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