My First Blog! 

So its not that one night all of a sudden i decided to write a blog. I always thought of writing one but never took it seriously. Tonight i realised that am very good in expressing my emotions through Words. Yes i feel very liberated when i can write my thoughts down. So  i just decided to download the WordPress app and visit a website which explains what is a blog and hey am so happy i did cuz this is exactly something i was looking for from a long time, am glad that now even i can write my thoughts down without any hesitation and knowing the fact that am not a writer or a pro in writing a blog. At times i may sound stupid, amature writer ..but hey, who cares ! 

       I just found on the website saying that blog is your online diary…so now i know why i wanted to write a blog. I grew up as a very lonely child so diary was my then best friend and then i got busy wid my carrier, relationship so i got parted away frm my best friend for a while….
But hey am glad i came across to my bestie once again.Now i plan to continue our friendship for a lifetime (fingers crossed) 🙂

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