Lifeology !

​Where to start…

And when to End?

They say Life is a vicious circle…Humans are bound by Karma – What goes around, comes around. Life for me is like a Mystery Puzzle game..where all the pieces are scattered and you gotto find each piece and attach it in order to form the entire picture. Just like the puzzle game one needs to find the Exact match so that it could attach and form the picture. So this game does teach you of the Right Attachments and thus we need to follow this one Golden Rule in our lives!

    We as humans are easily attached to monetary things and the materialistic world but then what we need to understand is these attachments are just temporary. Attachment to ourselves and the Almighty is what is goin to last Eternal.

Life is Deep, Intense, fruitful, beautiful, gift which comes with a price….and this price is the Time! We humans need to value our time. Just like life is a vicious circle…the Clock comes in a Circle. 

10 thoughts on “Lifeology !

  1. Keep at it. I like your first post about life and what it’s about. Add to your “About” page and take advantage of the widgets to develop your blog even more. Your visual of the puzzle pieces tied in well with your post. Kudos!

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