Oh Beloved!

                                                                   Oh beloved!

The only difference between your love and mine          

 is that you can still sleep at night…

These sleepless nights just remind me how much              

incomplete i’m without you

Oh beloved! Will you ever hear me and come          

back to me to caress me with your love

To make me sleep into your arms

make me feel your warmth..

Maybe someday you would know this feeling of deep desire

Oh beloved! Will you ever hear me…

The darkness of night gets more darker

And i choose to turn my back onto the day sunlight

I wait for those blissful evening when your eyes meet mine…

Oh beloved! Will you ever hear me…

Come and hold me forever..

as i don’t wish to fall in love with you but Rise!

Touch my soul and i want you to be spell bounded..

never to leave me and go wounded.

Oh beloved! Will you ever hear me…

Deep Desire

Its weekend, he whispers in my ear

I can feel his breath as he comes near

My heartbeats are fast

As he said this night will outlast

Come closer and dont be shy

My sweetypie, He touches my thigh

My lips got dry and my body starts to shiver

Knowing that he is a good teaser

I start to sink in his arm

While he took my breath away with his charm.

His touch left me spellbounded and my senses were melted and astounded

I kept moaning all night

Finally I woke up from my dream to the morning sunlight.

So Much For Love

You won’t believe but I gave you all that I had   But things aint working between us, its my bad

You’re my illusion and that is my reality               I see it now with such clarity

To be happy is to accept                                     And now I know you aint perfect

All I wanted is you to love and protect me like a child                                                                        But you left me alone in the wild

I cried and screamed but you turned it to deaf ear                                                                               I wish you never left me so helpless, my dear

I know I will survive as I’am strong
Just stand there and watch me overcome,           As it wont take that long.

One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award


So its been a wonderful journey here at wordpress which i just discovered one fine evening while i was sitting ideal with my thoughts, i decided to write my thoughts and emotions into words. I found amazing like minded people here, lot of positivity, encouragement. And from this list of amazing people i found a special person – Claudia. Her blogs are simply amazing and interesting. I love the way she expresses her emotions through words. A passionate writer who is so kind, humble, versatile and always encouraging and motivating people around her. Below is her link


 Thankyou for this award Claudia. Its a very special one for me, as its my First award and l’m so glad to receive it from you. YAY 😁 

Seven facts about myself :

1. India is where my house is, but my heart resides in the Uk. I have spent the best 4years of my life. I did my graduation and made friends frm different countries who are now family to me.

2. I learnt Classical dance and got trained in classical music for few months

3. I have been awarded for Recitation, Handwriting, Debate, Drawing, Dance, Sports competion in my school days but academically i always was an average student 

4. I never knew that i can write poem, until one evening when i was sitting alone and sad i just wrote down something and later found that it was a poem. Till date am unsure of my writing skills.

5. I love to learn new languages, i speak a little cypriot greek and polish and four different Indian language fluently.

6. I have travelled to the UK, UAE and few places in India. I wish and plan to travel more in future. 

7. I used to write all my secret wishes and everyday activities in a diary during my school days.

The rules to receive the award are:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Display the award on your post of the award
  • List seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.

My nominees for One Lovely Blog Award are :

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3. https://thesurgicalpoet.wordpress.com

4. https://lifepunchesblog.wordpress.com

5. https://dilkiawazweb.wordpress.com

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7. https://en.gravatar.com/rprakashrao

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In The Rain

#poetry #rain #love

Love me like a rainbow in the rain No more guilts, fights and pain.

Hug me so tight and cuddle me all night Lower the bright and lets just sleep under the moonlight

Dont let my tears go in vain Love me like a rainbow in the rain.

There seem to be dark clouds and thunder But how I love you under the storms, do you ever wonder?

In the end I dont want to be insane. Love me like a rainbow, in the rain.

Keep me close to your heart and soul. In order to achieve our relationship goal.

Like the rain water, let our sorrows go down the drain. Time and again, Love me like a rainbow in the rain!!

Angel Calling

Knock knock 

Who is it?

Its me your Angel 👼

Why are u here?

        I have come to tell you a story of a beautiful little girl

She dreams big and aspire to conquer the world with her beauty, grace and dreamy eyes like pearl

Ha Ha..I Laugh! Is this for real? 
 Oh my dear, listen and feel her, she is near!

She holds herself back for a while                Wanting her wings back to fly a mile.

Everyday gazing upon the skies, there is a little twinkle in her eyes

Wishing to the Almighty to bestow blessings to make her wise…

Her Future seems to be so bright and enlighten, that she no longer would be frighten and would never keep herself tighten.

Yes my dear, Am talking about You, cuz you have no clue…that you are amongst the FEW